Italian Leather

Usually, worlwide, tanneries take care of the whole tanning process. As you might expect, the tanning process consists of many smaller steps that are usually performed in one single facility. A crude cowhide with meat and hair comes in. Out comes a nice vegetable tanned leather piece, ready to be turned into a bag, a shoe or a chair. If the tannery is weak in any of the smaller processes, the end product will suffer.

In Tuscany, where we buy our leather, tanneries do not work this way. The small town where we buy our leather consists of several companies, each specialized in a specific part of the tanning process. Every small company competes to be the one that takes care of its specialization. Skins move from specialist to specialist, receiving the best possible treatment there is for every part of the process.

Much more care and attention go in to making Italian leather pieces than any other leather product in the world and only the very highest quality hides are selected. Manufacturers only use natural vegetable and plant extracts to turn hides into Italian leather. It is not mass produced and the process takes much longer than it would to produce cheaper alternative.

Furthermore, leather from Italy is also traditionally  “full grain” leather, which is made from the very best raw hides, so that they do not need to be sanded to get rid of imperfections. Full-grain leather is tougher and more durable than other types of leather, and as it ages, it gains a beautiful sheen. Italian leather it is unique! Do not mistake marks in the hides for imperfections – these are actually natural and give the leather an individual and aged look. No one item is the exact same!

This explains why Italian leather is still the best.

For that reasons, please remember that you are buying an handmade leather strap.

If your expecting your strap to arrive looking as though it came off an assembly line this may not be the right place for you. Each leather strap will show it’s own character. We will personally make the watch strap as close to the original example as possible but your strap being made from leather will vary somewhat. All shop photographs are taken in controlled lighting so you can best determine the color of the strap. We use professional camera equipment and editing software to ensure the pictures represent the leather used. Photographs are taken prior the buckle holes being punched. Your strap will have the holes punched and ready to wear. Please make sure you understand your straps design and leather choice before you purchase.

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