About Us & Faq

When you’re buying something from a craftsman you are not buying a simple object. Each creation is something unique and different from the others. You are buying hundreds of hours of work, experiments, failures, trials and successes. Each handmade watch strap is a mix of elements: inspiration, choice of materials, difficulties and joy. You’re not buying a simple strap, but a moment in the life of someone else. A moment that will change day after day.

We personally hand make in Italy every product and watch strap, from the choice of the leather to the deliver to your home. Our watch straps are 100% handmade with genuine italian leather, hand cut, hand stitched and some of them also hand dyed. An attention to detail that a mass productions strap has not.

Our exotic skins, from crocodile to stingray are imported from our certified suppliers.

Current Turn Around Times

Currently we are turning straps over every 3 Weeks. Please understand that the turnaround times are based on order volume which currently is very high due to orders coming in from all over the world. If you need to make an adjustment I will work with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you want, just write us to info@2dstraps.com

If you are in a hurry, please visit our “In Stock” section or our 2 Ebay pages where we list constantly our handmade straps ready to ship: 1 or 2


We use Poste Italiane Registered Mail Service to ship worldwide. Each parcel has a tracking code. Please understand that I cannot control what happens to you package once it arrives in your country as some customs houses take very long to process orders. Shipping fees are as follows:

  • Italy: 8€
  • Worlwide: 12€


We can do all sizes. All that is needed is your wrist size or strap size. You could choose our standard sizes on strap ordering page, otherwise you could write a note during the order asking us your custom strap size.

Industry Standard Lug Widths are 26mm (Panerai, Invicta…), 24mm (Panerai…), 22mm (Tudor, Seiko, IWC…), 20mm (Rolex, Omega…); If you don’t know which width you need just write us.

We can also cut you off sizes such as 23mm or 21mm for example. We also cut 18mm too.

Almost all of our designs can be tapered in 26/24mm, 24/22mm, 22/20mm & 20/18mm.

Here’s is a quick size guide to follow:

  • 6.0 – 6.5″ wrist = 120/70;
  • 6.6 – 7.2″ wrist = 125/75 (Close to OEM);
  • 7.3 – 7.8″ wrist = 130/80 (Usually the straps you seen on our website are made with this size);
  • 7.9 – 8.7″ wrist = 140/85.

Most Straps photographed on our site are without holes however holes in order to show you the leather design. All strap holes will be set prior to shipping unless requested otherwise. Buckles are not included.

Most of our straps come in at 3.5/4mm thick. If you need a Padded Strap just write us.


We accept most major Credit Cards as well as Paypal, during the checkout the system will help guide you.

Returns & Refunds

I will accept a return and issue a refund if the strap arrives at your location and is not as we described.  If you have worn, altered, dyed, or damaged the strap in any way I will not offer a refund.  If your strap has been personalized with initials, special lettering, etc. I will not accept a return.  If you are ordering an exceptionally large or small strap ( over 8″ or under 7″ )  I will not accept a return.  Please understand you are purchasing a handmade product which takes time to create and if it is not to your liking please contact me so we can work on a solution to make you happy.  I am easy to deal with.  With that said please understand the watch strap, leather and design you plan to purchase.  Please take into account the leather type and thickness before hand.  Please understand that if you purchase with paypal in most cases your wait time will surpass Paypal’s protection limit.  Please do not feel the need to place a dispute through paypal until we have spoken.  I can offer refunds even past the paypal protection limitations.  Please contact me as I am very easy to get a hold of either through email or Facebook.


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