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Handmade Luxury Watch Straps

Are all your straps made by hand?

Yes, completely. Our straps are 100% hand made, hand crafted, hand dyed and hand stitched. No industrial machines are used.

How thick are your straps?

This depends entirely on the thickness of the particular leather used, but generally our straps are around 4mm thick. However you could ask us a different thickness.

What strap widths can you provide?

Tapered and parallel, but, because all our straps are handmade I can provide any width and length you like.

Do your straps come with a buckle?

We sell standard pre-v buckle made with stainless steel.

Can you make me a strap with a sewn in keeper?

Yes, of course. Just buy your strap and write the request on the note.

How many holes are punched in a strap?

This depends on the length of the strap, but in general we will punch 5 holes spaced approx 0,6mm.

Can I swim wearing a 2D Strap?

Leather is naturally a porus material, so I advise against getting my straps wet, and certainly would suggest swimming or showering while wearing a strap is not a good idea.

My watch has very little space between the spring bar and watch case. Will one of your straps fit?

I normally shave the thickness of the leather to around 1.5mm at the lugs so my straps will fit most watches, however some watches are well known for having little space for straps. If you are concerned please let me know when you order.

What size strap will I need?

Correctly sizing a strap is not as complicated as it might seem, and is explained on the Order page. This shows what information I need when you place an order, but feel free to email me if you want me to help.

Do you have any leather or threads that are not shown on the website?

We have a good stock of different leathers and skins so just ask.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal.

How long will it be before you can ship my strap?

The lead time varies depending on how busy we are. We usually ship in 2/3 weeks from the date of payment.

Where do you ship? How does it cost?

We ship worldwide with Registered Tracked Mail and is completely free for you.

Do you have any pre-made straps that can ship immediately?

Yes, write us to know the straps availables.

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Maestri d'Italia handmade watch straps