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Handmade Luxury Watch Straps

Welcome to 2DSTRAPS.COM


Custom Watch Straps for your watch: Panerai Straps, Rolex Straps.

When you're buying something from a craftsman you are not buying a simple object. Each creation is something unique and different from the others. You are buying hundreds of hours of work, experiments, failures, trials and successes. You're buying hours, days and weeks of frustration, passion and moments of joy.

Each handmade watch strap is a mix of elements: inspiration, choice of materials, difficulties and joy. You're not buying a simple strap, but a moment in the life of someone else. A moment that will change day after day.

Our watch straps are 100% handmade with top italian leather, handstitched and some of them also hand dyed. Something that a mass productions strap has not.
All this makes an handmade watch strap something that hardly you will throw away.

Our Passion. Your Joy.

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Sensitive Skin Friendly

Made in Italy

6 Months Warranty

Maestri d'Italia handmade watch straps